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Men's Silk Long Underwear Crew Neck

Men's Silk Long Underwear Crew Neck

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Winter can be a tough time of year on your body and mind but it be will much easier to make it through those cold dark days with this amazing Men s Silk Long Underwear Crew Neck from Lands End. The incredibly soft fabric feels wonderful against skin thats parched from the dry air and it traps body heat to keep you cozy for hours on end.Weve cut it longer in the back so it will remain tucked into your jeans or swears even when youre playing with the kids in the snow or shoveling the driveway. The material also wicks away perspiration which is vital to keeping you warm and comfortable when youre outdoors.Of course this silk shirt is great for wearing inside too. Slip it on when you want to lounge around the house and watch downy snowflakes falling from the sky while you sit by the fire. It can also double as a pajama top and looks nice with a matching pair of long underwear pants. Add some slippers and a fluffy robe and youre all set for a relaxed evening spent watching your favorite movie or unwinding with a good book.

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