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Men's Skogso Jacket - Dark Navy

Men's Skogso Jacket - Dark Navy

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Fjallraven Skogso Jacket Made from G-1000 fabric that offers great protection from the elements, which can befurtherincreased with the application of wax. Not the kind you find in candles in the front room. Trust me, that doesn t work. Tasted alright though. The Skogoso is ideal for stunitng from pub to pub, but also serves well on an overcast day in Glossop. There are obviously plenty more classic UK destinations that this jacket is perfect for, but it s not my job to tell you that. The back of this jacket is slighty longer than the front and it has a fixed, adjustable hood up at the top. You ve got the choice of a few pockets; two at the front and two at the chest. This makes it easy to carry the essentials close to hand, but just try and remember what you ve put where. G-1000 fabric Adjustable hood and hem 4 external pockets Ideal for trekking or around town Description by Edd.

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