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Men's Skw6331 'Jorn' Brown Leather Watch

Men's Skw6331 'Jorn' Brown Leather Watch

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Are you are an affluent woman who enjoys the luxurious things in life especially in the fashion world? If so then you will want to take a look at this beautiful timepiece from . It is the epitome of an elegant fashion-forward accessory with rich details to prove it so. Its sleek brown band makes a striking impression from the very first sight of it and is fashioned out of an incredibly durable leather so you can have confidence in the longevity of this timepiece. Its case also demonstrates the supremacy of this finery as it is 8mm in dimension and is crafted out of stainless steel as well. The silver dial is cool and composed in appearance which adds to the classy ambience of the piece in a subtle yet still unique way. The black hands on the dial match the band with a sleek appearance creating a perfectly lustrous look fit for a gorgeous woman with incomparable class. It gets even better than this ladies. It s never simply about the looks is it? In addition to its grand visage it obtains features that transcend those of other luxury watches. Other than its durable leather material it also contains a strong mineral crystal that firmly protects the details that rest on the dial of the watch. It has a water resistance of up to 50 meters / 165 feet / 5 atm so while you should avoid taking a dip with this on your wrist it can handle a splash or two. Furthermore this time-keeper relies on a japanese quartz movement which speaks of its high-quality functionality as it ensures the utmost precision and accuracy. This is an accessory that is sure to last for many years down the road as it s constructed with unmatched excellence. So whether your next extravagant outing is an upscale date a wedding or a fashion show the Jorn is by far the perfect addition to your accessory repertoire.

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