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Men's Slim Fit Fleece Heated Gloves, Xl, Black

Men's Slim Fit Fleece Heated Gloves, Xl, Black

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Enjoy action-filled and adventurous sports activities without worrying about the cold temperature with the 5V Mens Slim Fit Fleece Heated Gloves. Featuring a slim fit and lightweight design, these gloves are manufactured from soft fleece material that offers both comfort and flexibility for outdoor activities. With a built-in 5V rechargeable battery, these gloves provide uninterrupted warmth for more than three hours at a stable 120F. Moreover, there is a zippered battery pocket that keeps the battery in its place securely. Attached with a dedicated on/off toggle button, these gloves are extremely easy to control. The heating elements are placed strategically around the palm, which utilizes ultra-fine fibers to retain heat for a long time. The gloves are grippy and touchscreen compatible.

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